On September 30, 2019, the Woodrise 2019 conference will officially open in Québec City (Canada). On this occasion, hundreds of architects, engineers, builders, decision-makers, and building professionals from all around the world will meet to bear witness of the use of wood as an essential material to the development of sustainable cities of tomorrow.

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The conference is offering a wide range of presentations aimed at providing solutions which support the development of building designs and systems, the construction of midrise and tall wood buildings as well as the industry worldwide. See the conference detailed program to learn more.

A unique networking platform!

Woodrise 2019 provides participants with the opportunity to take part in a structured networking activity through the business-to-business (B2B) meeting platform. Managed by conference organizers, this platform will give companies with common interests a chance to meet potential partners in order to engage in discussions and assess the feasibility of sharing projects. More information is available on the web site.

Woodrise Technological Showcase

Attendees visiting the Exhibition Hall will have the opportunity to stop by the Woodrise Technological Showcase area where short promotional or informative presentations by participating organizations will be showcased. Each session will be 15 minutes long and will take place during refreshment and lunch breaks.

The detailed schedule of presentations will be available on the information boards at the event and on the Woodrise 2019 web application. Don’t forget to mark this activity to your agenda!

For more information, visit www.woodrise2019.ca.

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