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The HoHo Vienna can indeed be described as a showcase project for today’s timber construction. Compared to other current timber construction projects, it is characterised by its deliberately simple construction system and its hybrid timber construction method. The adequate materials are used for each construction part according to the constructive requirements. Reinforcing concrete cores provide vertical accessibility and supply lines. The pillars made of block-glued laminated timber with the prefabricated facade elements made of cross laminated timber in front carry the wood-concrete composite ceilings. This means that the cross laminated timber ceilings are supplemented by a thin concrete layer in order to easily optimise the physical properties of the building. In addition, it was only necessary to develop one connection detail, which can be used for all connections of the components. In this way, an economical, highly flexible and safe building with a considerable degree of sustainability was created.

The structural separation in the construction of the bracing cores and the connected usable areas out of wood – about 80% of the total area – allows simultaneous construction and an optimal and reduced construction sequence. The precise, weather-independent prefabrication of the wooden columns, the wood-concrete composite ceiling elements of the precast edge girders and the wall elements with integrated window elements guarantee optimum quality assurance in execution.


  • Richard Woschitz

    Woschitz group GmbH

    Richard Woschitz studied Civil Engineering with a focus on structural engineering at the Technical University of Vienna and graduated in 1991. After graduation, he remained and taught at the Technical University of Vienna, Institute for Science of Structural Design and Wood Construction Engineering, and at the Higher Federal Teaching and Research Institute in Mödling, Austria. In 1996 he graduated as Doctor of Technical Sciences. That same year Mr. Woschitz founded the company RW Tragwerksplanung (which changed its name to RWT Plus ZT GmbH in 2006). In 1999 he founded the Vasko-Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH in Eisenstadt, which later became Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH. Several other offices opened in Austria and elsewhere in Europe. Due to his commitment to wood construction, sustainability and innovations, several companies within the Woschitz Group have been recognized, receiving the state award for architecture, the Lower Austria wood construction award, the Burgenland wood construction award, the Wienwood construction award and the Burgenland Innovation award. Furthermore Richard Woschitz was personally awarded the Vienna Engineer award, and received the honourable title Wood-Construction-Master h.c. and the title MRICS. Richard Woschitz is a senator in the senate of economics.